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Jake and Bull Mountain Reroutes are Under Construction

by Debbie Crowe

The USFS has hired a professional trail builder to implement the Jake and Bull Trail Improvement Project which will construct new trail to replace existing poorly located, and impossible to maintain, trails on the Jake and Bull trail system. No mileage will be lost, and the trails will be much safer and easier to ride and MUCH more sustainable.

The work has begun on the north end of the Jones Creek Dam Trail near the food plot and over to the dam. Once that area is completed, they'll move to the trail just north of there. The contractor is leaving the existing trail open while constructing the relocations, and will then open them and rehab/close the abandoned trails. The work is scheduled to be completed by the end of May.

Please ride carefully through the construction area, extending safety and courtesy to the trail building crew.

The accompanying map shows, roughly, the positions of the trails to be closed (yellow) and the new (pink)trails. 

The Forest Service will be updating their website to notify visitors of the ongoing work. They also encourage users to call their office if there are any questions or concerns.

As users of the Jake and Bull Mountain trail system, it's a great idea to let the Forest Service know that you appreciate the work they've done to improve this cherished riding destination. Email or call Valencia Morris, ORA-Recreation Program Supervisor at the Blue Ridge Ranger District., 706.745.6928 x118.

Jake and Bull Mountain Reroutes March 2013