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Midlands SORBA Plans, Builds New Trails and MTB Patrol

Midlands SORBA expanded the trail system at Poinsett State Park by three miles in 2015. The new trail, the Cowasee Trail, is an extension of the Whippoorwill Trail. An additional three miles has been routed, and is ready for construction. Signage and map updates for the new singletrack are still in progress, but the new open trail is fully visible and easy to follow. 

Prospective trail projects for 2016 include expansion of The Knot. These new trails will route bike traffic around the original CCC trails. This effort is part of the Midlands SORBA heritage trail preservation and regeneration program in partnership with Poinsett land manager Zabo McCants and SC State Park Service division of SC Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism. Midlands SORBA encourages all SORBA riders to come experience the exquisite backcountry flow that is

Midlands Mountain Bike Patrol has expanded to include Divisions at Poinsett State Park and Santee State Park, with land managers Zabo McCants and Kaley Foley serving as Directors of their respective Divisions. In addition to their status as Patrol members and Division Directors, Zabo and Kaley are also members of SC Park Service Bike Mounted Rangers. And there is the prospect of Midlands Mountain Bike Patrol further expanding our presence in Harbison State Forest with an additional new Division and Director there.