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SORBA Woodstock Hosts Six Hour Race to Sunset

Teams and individuals will descend upon Blankets Creek Mountain Bike Trail System in Woodstock, GA to compete at one of the most popular races, The Six Hour Race to Sunset, on one of the most popular tral systems, Blankets Creek, on Saturday, August 9th. The race is a collaboration between the title sponsor, Outspokin' Bicycles, the promoter, Mountain Goat Adventures, and the local IMBA-SORBA chapter, SORBA Woodstock. Pre-registration is advised, as the racer limit is set at 375. More information is available at Mountain Goat Adventures.

"SORBA Woodstock loves this race. It generates excitement for the trails, and brings new blood into our sport and our chapter. This is the largest event we do each year, and we put all we have into making it a successful event. Our trail stewards, led by Gary Moore, make sure the course is in optimal shape before the race. Our other volunteers work hard on the day of the race to make sure the racers and their supporters have a great experience. And, we clean it all up and pack it in at the end of the day, so the trails are ready for our regular riding public to enjoy the next day," explains Jay Wilkes, SORBA Woodstock Chapter President. The Pre-race Meeting is at 2:40 PM, and the Awards Ceremony begins at 9:30 PM.

"I love working with my home chapter to provide a race that racers truly enjoy. Racing is my passion, and I support that passion and encourage others by donating a portion of the race proceeds to the SORBA Woodstock chapter. They use this donation to maintain our trail system, and make sure it remains a great place to ride," adds Race Promoter Lisa Randall.

The sponsor expo area and pit setup begin at noon on August 9th. The course will be marked early, so racers looking to pre-ride may do so from 10 am until 2 pm Saturday. You may also pre-ride Thursday as directional course signs will be up by noon on Thursday, August 7th.