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SAMBA Receives IMBA/Osprey “Let’s Build Trails” Grant

SAMBA, serving the Mobile, AL area, is excited to announce that they received their first grant since forming as an IMBA-SORBA chapter.  The chapter was awarded an IMBA/Osprey “Let’s Build Trails” grant of $400.  The money will be used to buy tools and dirt.  SAMBA is looking forward re-building and re-routing some trails that have been heavily damaged throughout the years from storms and neglect.
Also,  SAMBA will have the opportunity to showcase the USA Trails at the University of South Alabama during the Mobile Bay 2014 WORLD Leisure Congress.  USA will be hosting this summit where delegations from all over the world meet to discuss different fields of leisure, recreation, tourism and sports.  SAMBA will be hosting a group ride at the USA trails on September 10, 2014.

by Carrie Johnston