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The Great Sport Of Mountain Biking Is Growing Along The MS Gulf Coast

Bethel TrailsBy Carrie Johnston More cyclists are taking to the trails than ever. With the August 2015 expansion of South Alabama Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA) into Mississippi’s Gulf , memberships now encompass a much larger territory. The Mississippi counties of Pearl River, Stone, George, Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson are now a part of SAMBA. As a result of our expansion, all new and renewed memberships to IMBA in this region are under SAMBA’s jurisdiction.

Having modified our by-laws in September of 2015, SAMBA now proudly has at-large board members. With these members at SAMBA’s disposal, we can better serve the interest of the Bethel bike trails. Duane Misko and Mike Ludlow gladly took on this role. Decisions related to trail maintenance, new project construction, and local promotion must be a collaborative effort, and Duane and Mike will work to make this happen.

Volunteers who dedicate hundreds of hours of trail service, and are familiar with the process of maintaining a trail, are a vital element in keeping trails groomed and future projects in development. Chapters such as SAMBA are crucial to ensure local trails stay active and safe. SAMBA has been, and will continue to be, an effective liaison with the National Forest Service with respect to the Bethel Bike Trails and any future projects in this area.