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The 9th Annual Snake Creek Gap Time Trial is in the History Books

On March 2, 237 racers went home sporting their badge of courage, the 3x34 belt buckle awarded to those who complete each of the 34-mile events at the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial. Over 500 riders raced at least one of the time trials, held the first Saturday of January, February, and March on the IMBA Epic Pinhoti Trail. January's race had a record 437 participants in the mildest conditions of the three months. Snow and sub-freezing temperatures led to frozen chains, derailleurs, and toes in February. The final time trial in March began with snow on the ground, but had minimal effect on drivetrains.

The fastest 34-mile time posted by a male rider was 2:40:42 by Thomas Turner, who has raced each of the last nine years. The fastest 34-mile time posted by a female rider was 3:24:58 by Jamie Dinkins Bookwalter. The fastest female rider in the 17-mile race was Jen Horn, with a time of 2:05:11, and fastest male in 17-mile race was Scott Rusinko with 1:46:55. In the Battle of Snake Creek Gap (Northern states vs. Southern states), the North won 4 to 2, based on average times for all riders for 17- mile and 34-mile races over the three events.

Next year will be the tenth anniversary of the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial series hosted by Northwest Georgia SORBA, so put on your wool socks and big boy (or big girl) pants and see if you can tame The Snake!