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Subaru, IMBA-SORBA, Trek Bike Give-Away

Sean Wiggins Wins Subaru Tour de SORBA bikeBikeTwice a year Subaru, IMBA-SORBA, and Trek hold a drawing to give away a new bike to a SORBA member. The June 2013 winner was Sean Wiggins of Jonesborough, TN, and a member of Tri-Cities SORBA. Sean was excited to receive his 2013 Trek Stashe. Atlanta Cycles generously donated the prize bicycle.

Left: Anthony Duncan, President, Tri-Cities SORBA, presents the 2013 Stashe to Sean Wiggins.

Right: Anthony Duncan receives the 2013 Stashe from Tom Sauret, Executive Director of IMBA-SORBA, Lisa Corcoran-Pierson of Subaru, and Steve Moore of Wallace Subaru.