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NAS Installs New Trail Maps at Tsali

NAS signsIn April Nantahala Area SORBA (NAS) finalized a year-long project by installing 18 color trail maps at Tsali. The map project was a collaborative effort between the US Forest Service and NAS. USFS had grant monies available for signage, and NAS jumped on the opportunity to get better trail markings on the four-loop system.

NAS surveyed the trails to determine locations for each sign, then they worked with USFS personnel to get the most accurate maps of the trail system.  With the shape files in hand, it was time for sign generation. NAS styled their signs after those used at the Jackrabbit Mountain trails near Hayesville, NC.  From there it was just a matter of manual labor – something all SORBA chapters are well-versed in.

Eighteen color maps, each with a “You are Here” designation, were installed at every intersection on the four Tsali loops on April 10th.  Each map has a unique number that can be used by rescue and USFS personnel to pinpoint location. 

Five board members completed the installation in eight hours. If you count all the work, such as on site trail surveys, reviewing map drafts and the construction of posts, backing etc. the total was closer to 75 hours spent on the project. “Hopefully this means no more hikers, bikers, trail runners or horse-back riders getting lost on the trail complex.  These new trail maps unlock the magic of Tsali for all users” says Karl Haiss, NAS Trail Liaison.

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Check out the cool time-lapse video of one of the signs being installed. (Robin, you can link to our facebook post for this.)

Photo of NAS Board Members pictured with new maps.  From left:  Karl Haiss, Jennie Gannon, Sae Smyrl, Andy Zivinsky.  Taking photo, and part of installation team, JP Gannon.