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CAMP-SORBA signs MOU with Tuskegee National Forest

Tuskegee NFOn July 10th, CAMP President, Mack Story signed an MOU with Tuskegee National Forest (TNF) in Tuskegee, AL located just a few miles off of I-85, near Montgomery and Auburn. Auburn is home to Chewacla State Park, where CAMP has already constructed nearly 16 miles of single track, and plans to construct a top notch skills area and 8 to 10 additional miles of mostly hand-cut single track flow trail. CAMP is working on becoming an IMBA Ride Center, and the trails at TNF and CSP are part of their strategy.

Tuskeegee currently has two out-and-back trails, Upper Bartram and Pleasant Hill, that have existed for many years. Combined, these trails offer 8 miles of riding. CAMP plans to construct a connector from the Pleasant Hill Trail to the Lower Bartram Trail, which has been closed to mountain biking for several years. This plan creates an approximate 8-mile loop, creating a total of 12 miles of single track trails. This plan is in the early stages, and will have to go through TNF’s approval process before construction begins. However, that’s fine, as CAMP has plenty to do on the existing trails.

Maintenance on the Upper Bartram and Pleasant Hill trails has been poor over the years. The CAMP team is excited to have the MOU, so that we can maintain and improve these trails using IMBA guidelines. Pleasant Hill, the newest of the trails, was built closer to IMBA guidelines. Upper Bartram is the oldest, and has suffered erosion due to following fall lines in some places. Upper Bartram is a more technical trail, and is considered very fun by riders that enjoy that aspect. CAMP’s goal is to bring all the trails up to IMBA standards, while leaving as much of the trail as-is when possible. Many riders have a lot of riding history at TNF, so we don’t want to change the trails more than necessary.

Within  a few days of announcing the MOU, CAMP has increased membership, volunteers, interest, and awareness in what they are doing in the area. At only 16 months old, CAMP is living up to their motto: We make things happen!