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UGA students hold classroom at Woody’s Mountain Bikes

uga student's at Woody'sApril 9, 2015 - HELEN, GA  │  Professor Bynum Boley brought his classroom again this year to visit Woody’s Mountain Bikes in Helen, Georgia.  Boley’s lesson plan is to visit a commercial recreation and tourism business located in North Georgia,  for his students to see real life application of his UGA course concepts.

Assigned 11 specific questions, the class interviewed the business owners, Woody and Kathy Wood. Topics included the business plan, financing, target market, advertising strategy, and tourism impact.  Later the students were to write a paper reviewing all questions and responses.

University of Georgia’s B. Bynum Boley, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism [NRRT], Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources in Athens, Georgia.  Woody invited Jerry Brown to speak to the students.  Jerry is Director of Alpine Helen Convention & Visitors Bureau, and a UGA alum.  He and the students discussed Helen’s tourism impact, movie-making in Georgia, the importance of cross-promoting businesses, and related topics.

“I hope we can make this visit to Woody’s a yearly occurrence for my class on entrepreneurship in recreation and tourism,” said Boley.  Class lasted about 90-minutes then Woody guided Boley and students on the GAP RIDE, and all enjoyed a mountain bicycle ride through the Chattahoochee National Forest.  The weather was perfect.