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Volunteer Rewards for Jake and Bull Mountain Work

SORBA and CTHA are teaming up to offer some incentives for trail volunteers this year.  Below are the details for each incentive.  The more trail workdays you attend, the better your chances to win.  The schedule of trail workdays for 2014 is attached.
1.  Lisa Randall of Mountain Goat Adventures is giving $25 off your Fools Gold race entry fee for each work party you attend between 1/1/2014 and 9/6/2014 – with a limit of $75 savings per person.  So, if you attend 3 CTHA/SORBA sponsored trail workdays at Jake & Bull Mtn – you will get $75 off your Fools Gold registration cost.
2. Bike Tours Direct is donating a $200 gift certificate towards one of their tours to be given away based on work party participation.  For each CTHA/SORBA sponsored trail workday at Jake & Bull Mtn – bikers will get 1 entry into this drawing.  Lisa Randall will do the drawing for this prize at Fools Gold later in September.  Thanks to Richie Daigle of Bike Tours Direct!
3. IMBA/REI Teaming for Trails program will provide free Clif bars and some swag to hand out at work parties.  They will also give a 30-day membership in ProMotive (super discounts on bike stuff) to volunteers who work a minimum of 20 hours.
4. CTHA & Boss Brothers Country Store is providing one $100 gift card to Boss Brothers Country Store in Loganville.  For each CTHA/SORBA sponsored trail workday at Jake & Bull Mtn – CTHA members will get 1 entry into this drawing.  You will receive an extra ticket for each guest worker you bring with you,  This gift card will be given away at the November 8th workday.
5.  CTHA has a frequent rider program to win a $50 gift certificate for participating in club sponsored rides.  But, you also have to put in a minimum of 6 hours of trail work too in order to win this $50.  So those of you who are doing the club rides, you’ll want to come out to a couple of CTHA sponsored workdays to meet that requirement.
Not only do you have the chance to win a great prize, you also have the satisfaction of a job well done.  You will be helping to maintain these wonderful trails while you have a great time with friends. There are all levels of work to be done.  If you are physically able to ride a bike or a horse – you are physically able to help out with something.
One thing that is great for someone who is physically challenged is to purchase and provide lunch for the volunteers. This counts as participation and helps to save our trail funds for other things.
I hope to see you at our upcoming trail workdays.  There’s a lot to be done and you are needed and much appreciated.

Debbie Crowe