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MTB Summer Camp

Postby CycleYouth » Sun May 12, 2013 4:10 pm

This year's junior Summer MTB camp offers something for everyone. Ages 12-18. June 8-16.
The Camp is open to anyone with the ability and motivation to ride on consecutive days at 1.5-2 hours per, with a long ride extending past 3 hours The Expert camp offers intensive training days that are intended to peak your fitness.

This is a CycleYouth based camp that are open to any racer or mtb'er able to ride with the group. Rides will range from 2 to 3 hours long, and some days will have two-a-dayers where we ride in the morning and also the afternoon. On the long days we will offer shorter options for any not feeling up to the task, and may opt for a longer ride depending on the group. The rides could keep us in the woods for 4-5 hours at most including stops

The area's forest is a beautiful riding location nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains. The area is hilly and mountainous, so we will be riding rolling terrain one day and mountainous the next. Early morning activities include strength and conditioning training and other off-bike training related interest. Most riders are training to peak for National Championships in July, so advanced rides will consider that.

The camp includes racers of this ability level, and some non-racers who have the fitness and endurance to complete the rides with the group. This is not a camp for those interested in beginning mountain bike, however. The fitness needed to complete the rides can only come from riding a bike (not running, swimming, or other sports) no matter what the motivation level is. Generally those who do well are riders who currently ride 3-4 days per week for 1-2 hours on each ride. One-day-a-week riders will not be able to keep up with the group. General fitness, proficiencies in other sports, motivation and determination are of no help for a non-cyclist or a cyclist that rarely rides.

The camp's intent is to help cyclist jump to the next level both in fitness and in skills. Many other areas of discussion will be covered to help create a well-rounded cyclist.

Skills are hands-on at the cabin or on the trails, while instruction is a laid-back conversation style. For those interested we will offer a more structured discussion on training. We will skip the science and go directly to what matters in training. We will cover skills as in the past but more emphasis will be on training.

We will discuss proper bike care, and go over basic bike maintenance and repair during optional instruction time. Riders will learn the basics of the training method and begin to understand the intricacies of race preparation, execution, nutrition and how training works. Campers will enjoy the good life with excellent trails and rides led by local residents and other camp staff.

Food and lodging included. Campers only need towels and [some will need] linens for bedding (or sleeping bag). Early arrival, and transportation from Atlanta can be arranged.

NC Camp Cost $650
Includes meals, lodging and transportation during the camp.
This is a USAC sanctioned event so campers will need a USAC license to attend (available to purchase upon arrival).
Space is limited to 16 participants maximum! Sign up early, camp will fill up.
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