Props to a great hand therapist

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Props to a great hand therapist

Postby dgjessee » Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:23 pm

I just wanted to provide a great hand therapist in case anyone ever needs one. Dr. Ann Lucado at Mercer University PT. She's a certified hand therapist so really good when it's really bad. She helped me come back from a having my radius reconstructed and a plate implanted last year and I have full range of motion and no pain at all in the wrist, arm, or hand. And I was BAD when I got there - I had like 0-1 degree range of motion in my wrist in about every direction. Recently I went back to her for some nerve damage I had in my hand after a mountain bike race. Again, fantastic work and amazing advice. She has an incredible understanding of the pressures associated with both road and mountain bikes. Anyway, that's all - can't recommend her enough and hope none of you ever need her help, but if ya do.....
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