Trails in Lagrange, GA

This chapter is covering LaGrange and Columbus Georgia to Auburn and Opelika Alabama, located in the Chattahoochee Valley Area and will go by CVA-SORBA.

Trails in Lagrange, GA

Postby vportis » Thu May 28, 2009 11:17 am

Are there any trails in Lagrange, GA
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Re: Trails in Lagrange, GA

Postby kpvsr » Thu May 28, 2009 2:25 pm

Pyne Road Park on the west side of LaGrange has some trails. There is a short one in the main park on the south side of Roanoke Rd (hwy 109) but the majority are on the north side. Just before the main park entrance you will see a paved gated road heading up the hill. Take that and park up top in the gravel parking area. A few years ago many of the trails were basically in abandoned condition and local mtn bikers did some major clean up and got it looking real nice and even added a few sections albeit rake and ride they were still decent. Shortly after that due to restrictions in the main portion of the park equestrian use was moved to the north side and the simple riding arena was built atop the hill and horse traffic increased on the trails dramatically. Since then the trail system has taken a serious downward turn. Wet trail horse traffic has really done a lot of damage to existing trails and there has been new trail corridor opened up and horse traffic allowed through it. I'd hate to even guess what those sections look like since nothing but the corridor was cleared, no organic material was cleared so if horse traffic is on those sections when wet I am sure it is a mess. Unless of course your on a horse so then who cares. Sorry for the rant but I personally put in tons of work there only to see it get abused. I now only get out there from time to time to see how the place is doing and as of recently not good. I'm sure when dry it will be better. Watch for downed trees, last time I was out there a couple months ago there were a few. There is about 4 miles out there and if the rake & ride sections are still there they offer good options to make up different routes. In time I hope to work with the Parks & Rec Dept to build new trails in the main part of the park where horses are not allowed. Here is a map of what is there minus any new stuff added by the saddle club. The gravel road has been paved since this map was made. The red sections are the rake and ride sections and the clearing is the parking area with the riding arena.

I personally would suggest taking the extra fifteen minutes and drive down to R. Shaefer Heard Park in West Point and ride the Lakeside Trail. There is an 8 mile loop out there that can be cut up to make shorter routes if you like. See the 'Trail Map for Lakeside Trails at West Point Dam & Directions' post for more info. If you would like a guide drop me a PM and we could set up a day and time to go out to either place.
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