USFS To Offer Chainsaw Certification Course in North Georgia

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USFS To Offer Chainsaw Certification Course in North Georgia

Postby Schaarschmidt » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:58 am

The following email message was forwarded by Cherokee National Forest Ranger Steve Biatowas. From the email, it appears that course will be held sometime in September, in Clayton, GA.

If you are interested in becoming certified to operate a chainsaw in the national forest please call or send an email to Ms. Crowe:

Subject: Chain Saw Certification

The Forest Service is planning to hold chainsaw certification in September
- no set date yet. The plan is for the class to be in Clayton [GEORGIA] and to start
the class on a Friday afternoon around 6:00 pm and run to 10:00 pm and
start back on a Saturday morning around 8:00 am and run to ever how long it
takes to complete. This way no one misses much work.

This certification course is free of charge. It is required for anyone
wanting to volunteer to run a chainsaw on workdays in the
Chattahoochee/Oconee National Forests. The certification is valid for 3
years. It is not for cutting down trees ("felling") - just for cutting up
ones that are already down ("bucking" and "limbing").

In addition to this certification, a chainsaw operator must have current
first aid and CPR certifications. CTHA will set up this certification
class and cover the cost for any member who gets the chainsaw certification
from FS and will commit to volunteering on trail workdays.

If you are interested in becoming chainsaw certified, please let me know by
the end of August. I need to let FS know how many people are interested so
they can firm up the schedule. Due to class size limitations, this course
is limited to those who will be volunteering their time on upcoming

In the future, there may be a certification class closer to our area, but
there is nothing planned and you shouldn't count on it happening soon. So,
if you can take the time to go to Clayton, this is our best shot at getting
some chainsawers who are sorely needed!


Debbie Crowe
CTHA president
fax 404/598-7181
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Re: USFS To Offer Chainsaw Certification Course in North Georgia

Postby bobg » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:26 pm

If this is the same one I did...I believe they will give you a certification for "bucking and limbing" Plus you can cut down trees up to a certain 4-5 inches.

nice laminated card that goes very well with other "guy cards" 8)

great course! learned a lot about safety!
Bob Grieco
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Re: USFS To Offer Chainsaw Certification Course in North Georgia

Postby darbrednew » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:44 pm

Just talked to Debbie. I've taken the course before, but need to renew my certification.

btw, is your SORBA/IMBA membership current?
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Re: USFS To Offer Chainsaw Certification Course in North Georgia

Postby kowen » Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:19 pm

I'm trying to get confirmation of dates and location from the Forest Service. This is being offered through the Chattooga River Ranger District based in Clayton, GA. As I understand it, first aid and CPR certification are NOT required prior to taking the course. I will try to confirm all information and post something as soon as possible.
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