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Traibuilding Education Classes Offered for USDA Forest Service

by Walter Bready

IMBA-SORBA and Trail Dynamics are hosting trailbuilding classes for USDA Forest Service personnel at the renowned Tsail Recreation Area near Trail Dynamics logoBryson City, NC on April 15th and 16th, 2011. Woody Keen, founder of Trail Dynamics, is donating his time and expertise to training Forest Service personnel in state-of-the-art trail building techniques specifically for properly building drainage structures and how to improve trails on old roadbeds.

Subaru Tour de SORBA and VIP Partners Program for 2011 Announced

Subaru of America, Trek Bikes-Gary
Fisher, Atlanta Cycling, Free-Flite Bicycles, Yakima, Swiftwick and the
Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association brings you another year of great
promotions. You have a chance to win a new mountain bike, a pair of Swiftwick
socks (drawing at each event) and the opportunity to get a new Subaru at dealer
invoice cost, minus two percent. 
Very sweet!

Mountain Biking Heats Up at Coldwater Mountain

By Robin Allen

aerial pic of Coldwater mounntainIn case you haven’t heard, Coldwater Mountain is slated to host fifty miles of mountain bike trails within five to seven years. Rich Edwards, Trail Solutions Manager, and Project Coordinator for Coldwater session, describes Coldwater Mountain as “a genre-defining trail system”. That is, the Mother of All Trail Systems, exemplifying state-of-the art trail building methods, accommodating every type of mountain bike rider and every skill level, designed from the ground up for mountain bikers, by mountain bikers. Yes, it makes me drool to think about it. If you’re a mountain biker (and you should be, if you’re reading this), you should be drooling, too.

Protect Riding--Please Attend a Forest Service Meeting in Your Area!

The USDA Forest Service  announced a series of meetings to provide
opportunities for public discussion on the long-term management of
recreation trails on the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. The
meetings are the beginning of a new collaborative effort to understand
the desires and expectations of trail recreationists and to develop a
common understanding of the natural resource management issues and

It's important that mountain bikers attend these meetings and let the Forest Service know that you we want to continue and expand mountain biking recreation in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. Attend a meeting in your area!

Notice---The Kennesaw meeting location has been moved!

The Forbidden Forest

Advocacy in Action in Nashville, TN

By Carolyn Heichel

For as long as I can remember
I’ve looked at the trails in Percy Warner Park while riding by on the road and
dreamt of the day I could drop in and experience the sweet single track I’ve
only experienced on foot. I was told mountain biking was actually allowed at
one time, and mountain bikers built many of the trails in the park before they
were outlawed (well before my riding days in Nashville), and now only allow
hiking and equestrian use. As tensions grew between the different user groups,
the mere mention of the words “mountain bike trails” and “Percy Warner” in the
same sentence often started a huge debate between nature lovers, equestrians,
and mountain bikers. Percy Warner Park was no place for mountain bikes!

Thanks to our Volunteers, 2010 Was a Great Year for CSRA Trails

By Susan Messick  

SORBA-CSRA would like to thank all of the members and volunteers who
helped maintain the local trails in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) in
2010, and who helped us kick off 2011 with trails in great shape. Sixty-five
SOBRA-CSRA members and volunteers worked over 1020 hours maintaining our local

Go, Dawg! SORBA-Athens Turns it on in Athens-Clarke County

by John Wares

SORBA Athens is turning it
on and making big moves in 2011. We’ve started a campaign to raise membership
and awareness of our cause by reaching out to the community to gain access to trails
in Athens-Clarke County. We’ll host traditional events, such as time trials, as
well as Trailgating events where we set
up a tent at trailheads and supply information and cold water (or hot tea,
weather depending) to riders and other trail users who may not know about us
and our mission. 

Mt. Tabor Trail System Boasts 30,000 Visitors Annually!

by Wes Allen

Paulding SORBA, assisted by
Paulding County’s Department of Transportation, has been tracking visitor
traffic to the Mt. Tabor Park trailhead parking lots. Data analyzed from 2010
and 2011 show that the trails receive over 30,000 visitors annually. This is a
tremendous sign of appreciation from the public and for all the volunteer
effort put into these trails since the project began in November 2009.

Bull and Jake Mountain Trails Need YOU!

Over the past four years, we've seen many improvements to
the Jake & Bull Mountain trail system outside of Dahlonega, GA. These
improvements are due, in part, to a partnership between IMBA-SORBA, the Chattahoochee
Trail Horse Association (CTHA), and the U. S. Forest Service’s Blue Ridge District.
CTHA and IMBA-SORBA have worked on this trail system for years, building two of
the best trails out there. Our partnership continues, and much work is yet to
be done.