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Mountain Bike Patrol

The Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association is pleased to show its support for IMBA's National Mountain Bike Patrol (NMBP) program. The NMBP organizes and supports volunteer bike patrols throughout the United States and around the world. There are several SORBA chapters that have trained and support active mountain bike patrols. We except more in the future.

National Mountain Bike Patrol's Mission: The NMBP promotes and supports local mountain bike patrollers and groups that inform, assist and educate mountain bikers and other trail users.

Patrollers provide assistance to hikers, equestrians, and especially mountain bikers. They give information, provide directions, help in minor repairs, and administer first aid. SORBA can provide its members with the needed training to setup a chapter patrol, renew current patrollers or add new riders to an existing patrol. Bike Patrol classes are open to all SORBA members and are normally offered annually, but can be scheduled on an as needed basis. The class covers CPR, first aid and National Bike Patrol certification. We would like to help every chapter start and maintain a successful mountain bike patrol. Based on IMBA's model to start a local patrol, we can work with your chapter. Our goal is to combine lessons in personal responsibility, achievement and environmental awareness through development of practical skills and the simple act of having fun.

The fundamental goal of mountain bike patrols is to ensure trail access for mountain bikers. Mountain bike patrols work in cooperation with land managers to meet the specific needs of their local riding area.

Is the National Mountain Bike Patrol right for you?

It is if you enjoy:

  • Riding your bike.
  • Helping other people.
  • Being involved in the management of your local trails.
  • Learning and sharpening skills such as outdoor first aid, trailside bike repair, off-road riding and trail-use education.

In 2008, IMBA organized the Trail Ambassador program as an easier way for mountain bikers to provide a valuable volunteer service while riding. Ambassadors work directly in cooperation with a local NMBP group to be a positive and educational on-trail presence. Ambassadors still act as the eyes and ears of the land manager but are not required to hold formal medical training, such as CPR or First Aid, and are not required to provide medical assistance while volunteering. Almost any mountain biker can become a Trail Ambassador.

Learn more about starting a Patrol or becoming a Patroller or Trail Ambassador visit the NMBP section of IMBA's website.

To watch a short video about the patrol, click here.