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The experience of mountain biking — of rolling through a breathtaking landscape, challenging the body and mind, and just getting away — has inspired millions of trail lovers, and as the sport continues to grow, it promises to do the same for millions more.

Trail Closure Status & Updates

Trails are closed when it is raining and the following day after heavy rain - thanks for your cooperation. Please try to attend the trail maintenance days...

For example Blankets Creek, Chicopee Woods and Gainesville College trails will be closed when it is raining and the following day after heavy rain.

SORBA-Chattanooga's Trail Guide

SORBA-Chattonooga has put together an awesome online trail guide. Check it out at the link below. Please help by contributing content to the Trail Guide.

Only You Can Prevent Erosion!

fireroadride.jpgMountain bike trails are fragile things. Too many trails are needlessly being trashed from erosion. You can do something about it, start with yourself. Riding in the rain, don`t do it! Whether it is raining or just rained, don`t ride the trail. I`m guilty of this myself. After driving an hour and a half to Bull Mountain just to find that the trail is soaked, it`s difficult to turnaround and go home. But realize that the trail is very fragile after a rain and riding the trail and especially skidding, spinning, or sliding on the trail greatly accelerates erosion. When you do this you`re not only killing the trail, but also making a bad name for mountain bikers. There are plenty of great wet day rides that won`t damage the trail, mainly because they are not singletrack they are fire roads, jeep roads, forest service roads, call them what you like. We have some really great ones with fast down hills and great views that you could not possibly impact by riding in the rain. In the Bull Mountain area there is Winding Stair Gap and Amicolola Falls. Near Ellijay you can enjoy the gentle rolling hills of Milma, Tibbs and Tatum Lead. Right now you`re probably thinking "Jeep roads! No way dude!" Some of these rides are really good, try them and you will see. So next time you have a rainy weekend day and don`t have the ambition to watch football and drink beer, like me... Ride some Jeep roads, they`re fun!

(An excerpt form the January 1997 Fat Tire Times article, Only You Can Prevent Erosion! by Marvin Masson)