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Appalachian Mountain Bike Club to Build Trail at Hastie Park in Knoxville, TN

AMBC has received permission to start laying out trail at Hastie Park in Knoxville, TN, according to AMBC President, Randy Conner. Hastie is an 80-acre City of Knoxville park located in South Knoxville. AMBC worked with the City Parks and Recreation department to make the deal. Says, Conner, ³Fortunately, City Parks and Rec recognizes the MTB community as good land stewards, and they are eager to work with us on this project.² AMBC has also worked with the Lake Forest Home Owners Association on this project. Both the City and the Home Owners Association are eager to turn the park into a positive piece of the community instead of a place to dump or hang out and get into bad stuff.
Hastie Park could be the beginning of a three-jeweled necklace in South Knoxville. AMBC has started discussions with the city on a close-by piece of property which was recently donated, which is about 3 times as large as Hastie Park. The last jewel is Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area, which belongs to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and covers about 600 acres. Forks of the River WMA is at the end of a 20-mile bike path/greenway that runs from West Knoxville, thru downtown across the Tennessee River to South Knoxville. Mountain biking is looking up in the Knoxville area!