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SORBA Creates First Provisional Chapter

ImageSORBA Tuscaloosa has been accepted by SORBA's Executive Board as the first provisional chapter in history. As a provisional chapter, SORBA Tuscaloosa has most rights and privileges of a regular chapter, but it lacks voting rights and an individual tax ID number. Provisional status allows the chapter to recruit members and raise donations until the next Board meeting, where they can apply for full chapter status. SORBA Tuscaloosa will be petitioning for full chapter status on November 22nd at the SORBA BOD meeting in Gainesville, GA.

"SORBA's Board meets only twice a year, which means that the Board can only create chapters once every six months. This wait was a stumbling block for new chapter formation. Pending chapters needed a faster way to recruit members, work with land managers, and raise funds for trail projects. Provisional status removes these obstacles, and gives the chapter a chance to prove its viability before the Board votes to confer full-chapter status on the club. This system works for the new chapter and for SORBA, so we're glad to welcome Tuscaloosa in this way," says Bob Grieco, SORBA President.

Tuscaloosans ride mostly at Munny Sokol Park. This park offers approximately 11 miles of technical intermediate to advanced interconnected mountain bike trails that run throughout the city park. These trails have a reputation for being quite tight and curvy. Changeable surface conditions in combination with tight turns and many small yet steep hills make this trail especially fun. For those with more time on their hands, Lake Lurleen offers a less technical 12 or 15 mile rocky loop around the lake. The loop features more elevation change than Oak Mountain.

ImageRichard Russell, Chapter President of Tuscaloosa, says the chapter has been busy recruiting members and working on trails. "We had our first official work day as a chapter at Munny Sokol Park August 23rd. Only four people showed because of rain, but the best way to see how your trails drain is to work on them in the rain. We have also been putting up signage at Sokol, so that our map will make more sense to those unfamiliar with the trail system. Saturday August 30 we surveyed wind damage at Lake Lurleen and discovered about a dozen trees down on the trail. We removed these the following Saturday," says Russell.

If you live in Western Alabama and would like to join SORBA Tuscaloosa, email Richard.