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Chicopee Woods Work Party on July 26th, sponsored by Gainesville SORBA and MAXXIS

ImageAnd, boy, do we mean party!! If you're a Crew Leader or volunteer, step up and help finish the newly cut trail at Chicopee Woods! SORBA Pro Trails and Gainesville SORBA have been working hard over the past several months cutting new trail, re-routing existing trails, building bridges, and just making Chicopee Woods a better place to ride. They still have a lot of finish work to do, and they're asking you to help them get it done! The party date is July 26th, 2008, and the location is Chicopee Woods Mountain Bike Trails in Gainesville, GA. We'll get the party started at 9 a.m. and finish up at 1:30 p.m.

If new trails aren't enough motivation to get you to swing a pulaski or lop some limbs, perhaps free stuff will reel you in. Our fantastic sponsors are kicking in for lunch and a schwag raffle for the volunteers! Along with our friends at Maxxis, Trek and CamelBak are throwing in goodies for our worker bees. All volunteers will have a chance to score bike gear-such as new tires, a multi-tool, or maybe a hydration pack. Come on out, and see how lucky you can be!

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Work parties are suitable for adults, as well as children, ages 6 and up. We have tasks that require hard work, and we have tasks that just about anyone can do. If you can trim limbs or spread leaves, we have a spot for you at our party. Bring a friend, bring a cousin, bring your friend's cousin, and let's open some new trail to ride!

Please come prepared for work in the woodsy outdoors (in July, in Georgia). Wear comfortable clothes that breathe, wear closed-toed shoes (boots are preferred), and wear gloves. We'll have water on hand, but it's always a good idea to bring your own. Bring snacks as well, such as Clif bars. We don't invite them to the party, but poison ivy and insects always seem to show up anyway, so be prepared for that, too.

If you have the time, energy, and inclination after all the work party fun, Gainesville SORBA will hold guided rides on the trails, so feel free to bring your bike and gear and ride some of the best trails in these parts.

Legends circulate far and wide about trail fairies who appear out of nowhere and magically build mountain bike trails for us to ride. Sadly, these stories are nothing more than urban legends, the product of overactive imaginations and wishful thinking on the part of mountain bikers. YOU build mountain bike trails, and without you, there are no trails. So, please, help us to make trails happen. Be at Chicopee Woods on July 26th and show how much you love to ride.