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Gainesville SORBA has been busy this summer!

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First, the machine work for our grant project was completed, leaving us with a new inner loop we've dubbed Flying Squirrel Trail, as well as newly cut reroutes and additions to our Zig-Zag Trail. Because of sustainability issues, the zig-zag in that trail had to go away. Don't fret! The new Copperhead Gap trail that replaces it is even more fun, with undulating rollers, short, steep climbs, and some challenging rock and root sections. This is our most advanced trail at Chicopee. Currently it is closed to riders as we complete the finish work. We need help with that, so if you want to see this section opened, come give us a hand!

We'd like to thank Sorella Cycling for the help they provided on our July 12th work party. The Sorella girls never cease to amaze us with the level of work they put in, and it's much appreciated!

We also want to send a huge thanks to the folks who came out for our Mother of All Work Parties on July 26th! We had folks from all over, including the RAMBO and Woodstock chapters. We got a tremendous amount of mileage completed on the Flying Squirrel Trail. Now we can officially open that section and complete our signage. Folks have already been sampling the trail, and the response has been very positive.

Additionally, we'd like to thank Robert McBride and Stephen Mullins of Pro Trails for their work on the two new trail areas at Chicopee. Robert did an outstanding job on the Flying Squirrel Trail, adding his unique touch to what was flagged. What we have is a contoured, intermediate trail with some fast, rolling sections and an epic feel. He even cast a keen eye on an old roadbed and cut a fun and fast criss-cross over it to maintain erosion and instill some fun!

ImageStephen and Robert then turned their attention to the Zig-Zag rework. Working together, Pro Trail and GainesvilleSORBA relocated some flat, ridgeline trail onto the sideslope. Robert and Stephen made good use of the terrain and soon had us coming out to have a look. It was awesome, and proved to be a nice sampling of the work they continued to do throughout the new Copperhead Gap Trail!

Very soon we'll have over 20 miles of trail to ride at Chicopee! This is makes Chicopee a place the whole family can come and ride! Soon we'll have new maps available showing all of the newly-cut trail.