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SORBA Uhwarrie Moves Forward on Ride Center

ImageCity Lake Park in Albemarle, NC will be home to the first trail built for the Uhwarrie Ride Center project. City Lake Park is a passive-recreation park that opened in 2006. The 70-acre park has a wonderful small lake as a backdrop, and currently includes three picnic shelters, two floating boat docks, approximately one-half mile of paved walking trail and one mile of non-paved trails, a playground, and an amphitheatre. On October 5th, the park will officially open a two-and-a-quarter-mile, beginner-level mountain bike trail.

Brian Bristol, President of SORBA Uhwarrie, sees this project as the perfect opportunity to make mountain biking prevalent in the community, and demonstrate, on a smaller scale, the Ride Center to be built around Uhwarrie National Forest. "This mountain bike trail enhances the recreational opportunities available at the park, and will introduce more people to off-road riding. Mountain biking will become a community activity. This project began locally, inspired by the Adventure Girl Program, which encourages girls to be active runners, and now, bikers."

Funding for the mountain bike trail is possible through an RPT grant awarded to Albemarle Parks and Recreation, along with donations to SORBA Uwharrie through local businesses and organizations. "This funding model, bringing government, businesses, and volunteers together to create a community resource is the cornerstone of the Ride Center concept," says Bristol.

SORBA Uhwarrie has tapped SORBA Pro Trail's Stephen Mullins to build the new trail and refurbish a one-mile existing trail. Mullins and his crew of five will build the new trail, replace bridges and control erosion on the existing trail, and add signage. Says Mullins, "The make-up of this crew also demonstrates the collaborative spirit of the Ride Centers. SORBA, Middle Ring Cycles, and the city Parks and Recreation Department are providing the workers to get the job done." Mullins estimates that his crew of seven will complete the trail project in a week.

To learn more about SORBA Uhwarrie and the Ride Center project, visit their new website,