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SORBA MidTN Gets Approval for Cane Ridge Trail System, Responds to Montgomery Bell Storm Damage

by Jose Alea and Bob Slayden

Metro Nashville Parks is collaborating with the SORBA Middle Tennessee chapter, for a new trail system at Cane Ridge, Park. SORBA Middle Tennessee  helped design the trails,  and will assist in the construction and the maintenance of the trails. Phase 1 construction, slated to begin this summer, creates two miles of trail. Once all phases are complete, the park will boast nine miles of mountain bike trails for riders of all skill levels.

“Cane Ridge has adequate acreage to put in a mountain bike trail to provide the experience the riders want,” said Bob Parrish, Metro Superintendent of Natural Resources.

 “Davidson County didn’t have any beginner to immediate skill level mountain bike trails,  so this is a great way to introduce families, youth programs and beginner mountain bikers to the sport,” Glascock said.

Aside from new trail construction, Middle Tennessee is also working to repair storm damage. Early April brought major storms and major damage to many areas in the Southeast. Tennessee was not spared from the storm’s fury, as the mountain bike trail at Montgomery Bell State Park was hit hard . Riders were shocked to arrive at the trailhead, only to find the trail closed due to storm damage. SORBA volunteers assisting the chief ranger in assessing the damage found nearly 100 trees down over 23 miles of trail. The storms 60 to 70-mph straight-line winds had taken down the largest trees, felling 3-foot diameter oaks.

SORBA volunteers organized a major effort to help clear the trail. Rangers assigned point persons to keep the volunteer crews safe, and passed out maps the pinpointed the damaged areas. The work involved clearing multiple, complicated tangles of trees, some piled as high as 20 feet. A State Forestry official had estimated that it would take about four months to complete all the clearing, but SORBA volunteers completed the task in an intense 21 day effort!