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SORBA CSRA Hosts Fall Events

Baker’s Dozen 2011

After several years hiatus, on October 22nd, SORBA-CSRA resurrected the Baker’s Dozen, a 13 hour endurance event held at Lick Fork Recreation Area.  Over 70 riders participated in the event, with numerous soloists, 2, 3 and 4 rider teams participating in the event.  The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.  As in past years, the riders raced through the campground as the crowd cheered them on.  Out of town as well as local riders were represented in top positions in the various categories.  The 13 hour event was never dull as it was full of enthusiasm and kept lively throughout the day with hourly swag drawings  Hopefully this will once again become an annual event for SORBA-CSRA.

6th Annual Fall Bikefest

SORBA-CSRA held its 6th Annual Bikefest on November 5th at the Bartram Trail.  The Fall Bike Fest is an annual family friendly, fun social event to introduce mountain biking to new members.  The event  was well attended, with over 60 participants, and everyone seemed to have a good time. The temperature was good but the wind was blowing steady, except while in the woods riding, which kept the hot chocolate station busy most of the day.  Specialized had  two demo trucks setup and had continuous business as riders tested the various bikes.  

Several led rides were offered, providing riders the option of shorter rides (4  to 6 miles) or longer rides (12 to 30 miles) but with the in-out trail configuration of the Bartram it definitely lent itself to customized ride lengths. With plenty of bike games, kids, both young and old, had a great time with the tire pop, ghost bike, and wheel toss games and the riding games: bike limbo, bunny hop, and the new long jump.  After the activities, everyone was eager to dig into the brats, hotdogs, and hamburgers as they were coming off the grill.