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Examining Proposed Fee Change for Mountain Biking at Georgia State Parks

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, State Parks Division has proposed $2 per-user fees for mountain biking at Unicoi, Fort Yargo and Hard Labor Creek State Parks, while maintaining the $3 fee at Fort Mountain State Park (in effect since 1997). The proposed new fees would go into effect in March, 2012.

SORBA would like to see a fair and equitable outcome that benefits Georgia's State Parks and SORBA's members.

Your voice will be heard. Send your comments on this issue  before January 20th to:

Please read the following statement from the Georgia State Parks Division that describes the fee proposal. IMBA-SORBA will keep the mountain biking community informed as we move through this process.

During the Georgia State Parks Division’s review of fees and charges
for 2012, we determined that we should consider implementing a $2 per
person recreational facility use fee for our mountain bike trails
sometime during 2012, possibly as early as March when the new trail at
Hard Labor Creek State Park opens.

Under our current concept, the $2 fee would be charged for use of the
mountain bike trails at Unicoi, Fort Yargo and Hard Labor Creek state
parks, with the $3 fee at Fort Mountain State Park (charged since 1997)
remaining in place.  In addition to the daily per person fee, our
concept includes a $25 annual pass good on all the mountain bike

We are considering this fee in order to generate additional revenues to
support our state park system and make our parks more self-supporting
as state funds are reduced.  Other recreational facility fees already being
charged include horse trails, disc golf, mini golf and swimming pools,
among others.  Generating revenues from users of the horse trails and
mountain bike trails would be especially helpful, since these particular
facilities require a great deal of maintenance.

Each of the three parks with new mountain bike trail fees proposed will
be holding a public meeting after the first of the year to discuss our
plans further and seek input from recreation users.  Please contact one
of the three state parks where you ride most so you can be notified and


Becky Kelley
Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites Division