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Upstate SORBA Receives $10,000 REI Grant

Upstate SORBA (US) received a grant of $10,000 from REI’s Greenville store on Woodruff Road to support three trail projects; the expansion of the mountain bike trail system at Paris Mountain State Park (PMSP) and along the Reedy River Corridor in downtown Greenville, SC, and to  develop new trail at Pleasant Ridge County Park.  US will team up with REI, local government and thier dedicated volunteers for the three projects.

The first project is set to start in October with a reroute of the Sulphur Springs Trail in PMSP.  The reroute will improve the trail from Archery parking lot and ultimately connect to shelters 5 & 6 in the Mountainside Shelter Area.  The reroute has been rough-cut and US and REI coordinated a volunteer trail day for September 8th at 9:00 to perform finishing work of the rough-cut reroute and to scarify old eroded sections.  This work is important in making the trail sustainable, safer, and enjoyable for the long-term.  All volunteers are welcome to join in these efforts.  Check Facebook and our web site for upcoming work parties.

The improvements to Sliding Rock Creek Trail in downtown Greenville includes reworked and new trails.  Trail development at Pleasant Ridge County Park includes all-new trails.  The details of both of these projects are in the final planning stages and scheduled to begin in early 2013.  Stay tuned to the above links to keep up to date on these and many other exciting upcoming activities with US.

US and REI have teamed up several times already this year for volunteer trail work days at Paris Mountain and other locations throughout the upstate region.  A major accomplishment of the partnership between US and REI, along with PMSP, was the reroute of a two-mile long stretch of a different portion of the Sulphur Springs trail.  The reroute replaced a badly eroded section too steep to ride up, and replaced it with a challenging trail that can be rode both up and down while keeping mountain bikers off a paved road used by motorized traffic. 

US is humbled to receive this grant and knows that these projects would not be possible, and US itself would not exist, without the help of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about improving access to and maintaining existing trails for mountain biking in Upstate South Carolina.  US members truly enjoy performing volunteer services for the community's benefit and encourages volunteers of all ages and ability to join US and help with these exciting projects.  We hope to see you on the trail with US!!!