The Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) is the largest nonprofit mountain biking organization in the Southeast. Our members work with land managers in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee to create trails and trail systems for mountain bikers and other users to enjoy. Through advocacy, education, and recreational opportunities, SORBA carries out its mission to promote land access, trail preservation, and new trail development in order to enhance mountain bike touring, racing, fun, and fellowship for all mountain bicyclists in the southeastern United States.

We have partnered with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and now represent over 4,000 members who help steward miles and miles of great trails in a seven-state area. The best riding in the Southeast is found on trails maintained by our volunteers. Our members love singletrack, rocks, roots, and logs, and we employ IMBA's trailbuilding practices to ensure that our trails are sustainable and challenging.

IMBA-SORBA relies on our wonderful members to carry out our mission. Our volunteers donate thousands of hours each year to advocate for trail access, build trails, and maintain trails. Join IMBA-SORBA today!

Paulding SORBA Lives Their Motto of Dig - Ride - Smile

ImageFor digging, Paulding SORBA partnered with Engage Atlanta ( for the Community Makeover ( at Mount Tabor Park over the weekend of July 31- August 2. In the span of that weekend, 1624 volunteer hours were amassed, with 132 volunteers working on Saturday and 100 on Sunday. These hard-working volunteers opened up a 1.3 mile loop and completed approximately a mile on another loop. Amazing effort from everyone involved! On Sunday, the volunteers were offered a special treat--authentic Mexican food for a $4 donation. The food was expertly and lovingly prepared by Alicia Ruiz and several ladies from her church, Iglesia Evangelica Christina Espirtual. The $465 raised will help to replace their church building, which was lost in a fire in 2007.

das Goldschprintz

ImageIMBA-SORBA attended the das Goldschprintz evening on June, 15th, sponsored by Ergon, hosted by Eddie and Namrita O-Dea of 55nineperformance, and held at the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta. Product demos were held on Sweetwater’s patio, where we cruised around on a couple of cool bikes, enjoying Ergon’s incomparable grips. Free beer, cyclists, and a friendly competition—a recipe for a good time.

Just what is a Goldschprintz? It’s a 2-bike sprint competition using stationery bikes, in this case singlespeed fixies, on modified rollers. A computer tracks your time and your speed. The first to reach the finish line wins and advances to the next level. Sprinters were chewed up until there was one winner, Lam, who bested the likes of Eddie O’Dea and Thomas Turner. He was awarded a pair of Ergon grips for his effort. Way to go, Lam!

Thanks to Ergon and 55nineperformance for a great evening of cycling fun.

SORBA Atlanta Celebrates NTD at Sope Creek

Augusta to Host 2010 IMBA World Mountain Bike Summit

ImageWe’ve always know that SOBA CSRA rocked, and now the world knows it, too! The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has announced that Augusta, Georgia, will host the 2010 IMBA World Summit (May 5-8). Mayor Deke Copenhaver proclaimed, “It is truly an honor to host the IMBA gathering in Augusta. Our city continues to grow in its reputation as a bicycling destination, and this event will showcase our region to a worldwide audience of trail enthusiasts.”

The event, expected to be the largest yet in IMBA's history of hosting international summits, is open to the public. Topics will include destination and urban trail networks, land conservation and sustainable trails, youth outreach and new programs designed to grow local capacity for the 700+ clubs and patrols in IMBA’s global network. In addition to informative seminars and networking, the gathering will feature great parties and plenty of riding -- including a catered tour of the Forks Area Trail System (FATS), an IMBA Epic.

“The Augusta summit will serve as an essential clearinghouse to advance information on everything to do with mountain biking and trail-based recreation,” states IMBA Executive Director Mike Van Abel. “We will bring leaders in trail design together with land managers, the bicycle industry and IMBA’s thriving grassroots clubs. These are the key influencers that shape the sport, and only an IMBA summit can connect them all in the same place, at the same time.” Attendees will receive copious educational materials, while connecting with mountain biking enthusiasts from around the globe.


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