2023 Impact Report

We had an incredible 2023! Check out all that SORBA did to support trails across the Southeast.

2023-2026 Strategic Plan

The future is bright with SORBA! Check out what we have in store to grow our organization.


With 47 chapters in 7 states, we are the largest nonprofit mountain biking organization in the Southeast.



Our chapters & members build and maintain sustainable mountain bike trails for everyone to enjoy.


We are dedicated to respecting the environment; building and riding trails respectfully.



Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out, we’ll connect you with the MTB scene.

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What is SORBA?

Since 1989, The Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association has worked to ensure that our public lands offer fun, challenging, and sustainable mountain biking for all mountain bikers. As the leading mountain biking organization in the southeast, we believe everyone should have access to the social, physical, and mental benefits that mountain biking provides.​

SORBA News & Events

SORBA Session: Pedal Up Foundation

SORBA Session: Pedal Up Foundation

In this episode of our SORBA Session Webinar series we hear from Jason Finnell, Executive Director of the Pedal Up Foundation, about how chapters can partner with the organization to bring mountain biking to Girls and Boys Clubs across the Southeast. Learn more about...

SORBA is Turning 35!

SORBA is Turning 35!

This year on National Trails Day, SORBA is kicking off a 35 Year Celebration!  35 years ago, what began as a group of trail volunteers working to create and protect places to ride became an official organization dedicated to the growth and maintenance of trail systems...

SORBA’s Updated Sponsorship Packet

SORBA’s Updated Sponsorship Packet

SORBA's updated sponsorship packet is here! As SORBA celebrates 35 years of trail advocacy and support, we want to thank our sponsors and donors for being an important part of our success story. Thanks to your support, we will continue helping our chapters grow and...

SORBA Stories Podcast Episode 5

SORBA Stories Podcast Episode 5

In this episode we chat with Chase Garrard about the event he helps put on, Shred for Sloan, to celebrate the life of a friend taken too soon. Learn how this group took a tragic event and turned it into a positive Thank you to our sponsors for this episode, ⁠⁠⁠⁠Finish...

SORBA Events

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The Power of Membership

SORBA uses the word association in its name for a reason. We’re a formal group of like-minded people who want to ride their mountain bikes and have a great time doing it. Individuals are the heart of our organization, but one person can’t do it alone. We’ve come together, as an association, to be stronger, to have our voice heard. And we have been heard. Just look around the region at the great trails and strong chapters we have, and you know it’s working.

Your membership makes all trails possible.

Members also enjoy special deals, programs and discounts.  Find your local chapter today and learn more about becoming a member.


Support Mountain Biking

Join or donate to SORBA and support mountain biking in the Southeast. Our members are more than just people who ride mountain bikes. We're passionate, concerned individuals who love the peace, beauty, ruggedness, and challenge of the trail. We are making the world better place for mountain biking.

Join SORBA or Renew

Through our partnership with the IMBA Local program, joining SORBA is a very easy process. Just select your local chapter on the signup form, and you'll become a member of SORBA through your local chapter.

Donate to SORBA

Your donations to SORBA help us carry out our mission of making great places to ride your mountain bike. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations to SORBA are tax deductible.

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