What is SORBA?

The Southern Off Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with chapters across seven states in the southeastern United States. We support our local chapters through programming, advocacy, membership, and education.

How do I join SORBA?

Being a member of your local chapter automatically makes you a member of SORBA. Head over to our Join Page on the IMBA website to become a member of your local chapter and SORBA. Your membership dues are split between the chapter and SORBA to support your local trails and development across the region.

What organizations do you partner with?

Advocacy is hard work and we can’t go about it on our own. SORBA partners with a number of national, regional and state organizations to support natural surface trails for everyone. Head on over to our partners page to learn more about the groups SORBA proudly supports and partners with.

What is your relationship with IMBA?

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) is an international advocacy organization supporting natural surface trails. SORBA partners with IMBA on a number of national and regional issues to better trail access for everyone.

What is the mission of SORBA?

We believe everyone should have access to the social, physical, and mental benefits that mountain biking provides.

Can I be a member of multiple chapters?

Of course! We encourage you to join the chapter where you live and any other chapter that you love to see what they are doing. If you travel a lot (which most mountain bikers do) and enjoy trails outside of your local community, show that chapter some support as well!

What are my membership benefits?

In addition to showing your support for trails, we do offer some awesome benefits from our supporters that are only for members. Head over to our join page to see what all your membership comes with!

Do you have a database of information to share?

Yes! Head on over to our resources page for a collection of information about SORBA, best practices, example docs, etc. This database is totally free and is continually updated. We believe information should be shared freely to better our mission. If you don’t find what you are looking for, send us an email.

I want to make a donation to SORBA, where do I go?

First and foremost, thank you for wanting to support SORBA. To learn more about ways to support our organization head over to our Ways to Give section to see all the opportunities to make a difference.

What support does SORBA give to the chapters?

We support our local chapters in a variety of ways. First, we provide liability insurance to our chapters so they can continue to do the work that is necessary to keep your favorite trails riding great. Equally important is that we provide a platform where the chapters can effectively manage their membership. And last but not least we provide a variety of educational opportunities that provide effective training, best practices and support for chapter leaders and volunteers to effectively make a difference in your community.

What events does SORBA host?

We have two major annual events, with additional training opportunities sprinkled throughout. Our two major events are the SORBA Summit held in the spring and our fall Board of Directors Meeting held in the fall. For a full list of our events, both virtual and in person, check out the calendar of events.

Are your events for members only?

The answer is yes and no. Our annual SORBA Summit is open to any passionate advocate for trails. This is a great way to mingle and learn from trail advocates from across the region. Our fall Board of Directors Meeting is a more intimate event specifically for our chapter leaders. All other training opportunities are open to anyone interested. Our members get advanced registration. Our virtual events, like our SORBA Sessions, are open to anyone and free.

Where can I learn more about your events?

We keep our calendar of events up to date here on our website

Our chapter is interested in hosting an event, what next?

Partnering with local chapters is how we make successful events happen. If you’re interested in hosting a Summit, board meeting, or educational event, send us an email through our contact page.

Where do I go if I have a question or issue with my membership?

Reach out to us at our contact page and one of our staff members will help make sure you are satisfied with your membership.

I want to volunteer for SORBA on the regional level, what do I do now?

How awesome! SORBA has an executive committee that is voted in by our board of directors every two years. We also have multiple committees that focus on various aspects. Contact us to learn more about how you can be a part of our mission.

I have a group that wants to form a chapter, where do we start?

We are always looking to expand our organization within the seven states of SORBA. The first thing we suggest is to head over to our Chapters page where all of our current chapters are listed to make sure we don’t already have a chapter in your area. Second, take a look at our resource page where we list out the requirements for becoming a chapter of SORBA. If you meet the requirements or have any questions let us know. We are happy to chat about supporting your group.

What are your thoughts on eMTB access?

We support the use of class 1 eMTB on natural surface trails where it is appropriate based on the needs of our local chapter. Access for class 1 eMTB’s varies based on the land managers requirements. We do not support the use of class 2 or class 3 eBikes on natural surface trails.

I’m an adaptive rider, where do I go to learn more about what trails I can ride?

We have partnered with the aMTB Trails Project to support their mission of providing the information needed for adaptive riders of where to ride. Visit their website to learn more and check out the adaptive trail section on Trailforks.

Where are some great places to ride?

From epic backcountry experiences, to neighborhood trails and pump tracks there is a plethora of awesome and diverse riding across the southeast. Check out our trails page for some of our favorites. We have partnered with Trailforks for accurately mapping the trails in our region and have an affiliate discount to their pro account.

Didn’t find the answer to the question you were looking for? Head over to our contact page and send us a message. We will be happy to help!

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