On April 13, a representative for SORBA Jax along with one of the landowner/ representatives of Jeremy’s Hill at Attero Park went to Tallahassee to petition for Attero Park to be included in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Greenways and Trails designation. Attero Park is a 100-acre former landfill boasting 60+ ft of elevation and is located just south of downtown Jacksonville. The vote was unanimous for the designation. This is the first time private land has received this designation in Jacksonville. And is only the eighth project in the state of Florida. Prior to Jeremy’s Hill, all other projects were done for the purpose of connecting portions of the National Scenic Trail across private land. Jeremy’s Hill at Aterro Recreational Park is the first park to be designated and built as a trail system. SORBA Jax and the landowner have been working on this designation, along with the State of Florida, for about 14 months.

This designation allows the landowner to retain ownership while the state gives additional liability protections as well as giving this land additional consideration for grant programs. It will also be added to the Greenways and Trails inclusive and interconnected system of greenways and trails. The future looks bright for Attero Park, with an additional 6 miles of mountain bike trail and 3 miles of hiking trail planned to come soon. This is a great achievement by SORBA Jax and the land manager, great job!