In May 2023, SORBA conducted a Mental Health and Happiness Survey. This questionnaire was a brief, informal survey conducted via email and social media. We had 166 respondents complete 100% of the survey across the span of 28 days.

The purpose of this study was to raise awareness about the effects of Mountain Biking and Mental Health and Happiness. The results appear to demonstrate that mountain biking positively impacts nearly every participants’ mental health.

To SORBA’s awareness, there is no available comprehensive data on the effects of Mountain Biking and Mental Health. While this brief questionnaire is not a scientific study, we hope that it may influence a new conversation about the vast benefits of mountain biking to the overall community, and inspire new research to be conducted in this area. When people have access to activities that positively affect their mental health, this greatly benefits entire communities, making them happier, healthier places to live.









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