May 6th, 2021. The Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP) opened a new trail at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, AL. The new trail is named Slingshot and it connects 2 existing trails within the system. The contracted trail builder was Barry Smith with Barry Smith Trails.

Unlike a lot of trail projects, this one was not funded by a grant, but rather old fashioned fundraising, entry fees to their annual event Bump-n-Grind, donations and membership dues. BUMP President, Jeff Rozycki says “this project is a big win for BUMP. It’s the first new trail built in Oak Mountain in 4 years and represents a new phase for the chapter.”

BUMPs goal for the trail was to “create a trail that allowed trail users to bypass the gravel Camp Tranquility Road and be able to continue on single track between Seven Bridges and Garretts Gulch.” Not only did they succeed in that, but made an incredibly fun trail to ride!

The trail itself is 3 miles of intermediate (blue) flowy, approachable trail that is welcoming for newer riders, but has a number of alternate options for more experienced riders. It is also bi-directional so riders can experience the trail both ways. Slingshot features a number of well crafted berms and jumps. All the jumps are built to be easily rollable with long takeoffs and landings. An experienced rider will have no problem logging plenty of air time. This style of trail was something missing from Oak Mountain that until now featured easy approachable trail, old school hand cut trails, and technical rocky trails better suited for experienced riders. There wasn’t a good trail where all levels of riders can ride and enjoy themselves.

Congrats to BUMP, Oak Mountain State Park and Shelby County for all the success and thank you for all the hard work that was put in to create such a great trail. Get out and check this new addition yourself!