We are excited to announce that both Central Savannah River Area SORBA (CSRA-SORBA) and The G5 Trail Collective have both received a 2021 Regional Forester’s Award. This year’s theme “Together, We Rise” acknowledges exceptional Southern Region employees, work units, partnerships and groups who have demonstrated interdependence and unity in accomplishing our mission while overcoming the difficulties faced in these challenging times. The Regional Forester’s Honor Awards Ceremony is an opportunity to recognize groups and individuals who reflect Agency core values by demonstrating excellence through interdependence, service to others, and commitment to conservation, diversity and safety.

CSRA received their Regional Forester’s Award for Sustaining Our Nation’s Forests and Grasslands in the Francis Marion & Sumter National Forests. Their continued work with the Forest Service not only brings a great trail system to their area, but helps sustain a healthy and thriving forest.

“We are thrilled to receive this award, as it recognizes the many volunteer hours spent maintaining and improving our local trails. Many trail users and some land managers are not aware of the hours of planning and organizing involved in coordinating trail work. That commitment coupled with SORBAcsra’s investment in equipment, tools, and professional training for our volunteers has created an environment for success.”

“Often just a simple ‘thank you’ from a trail user or land manager is so appreciated. Receiving this award, on behalf of SORBAcsra members/volunteers, from our USFS partners is truly extraordinary!” – SORBA CSRA

The G5 Trail Collective is recognized for their work on the Old Fort Trails Project and revived the Regional Forester’s award for Delivering Benefits to the Public. Their group is a shinning example of what a diverse group of people all moving towards the same goal can accomplish. We are extremely proud of the work they have done and continue to do to bring an amazing trail system to the people of Old Fort, NC.

“We are honored to receive this recognition of the Old Fort Trails project as a model for community-led trail development. We believe we can achieve truly equitable trails by being intentional at every step of the process in reaching out to everyone within the community, not just traditional national forest users. We are excited to continue this work as we begin building multi-use trails this winter.” – The G5 Trail Collective

Congratulations to both organizations on their hard work being recognized. The award ceremony will be held virtually on November 3 at 10am est. Thank you for all the hard work!