The RTP grant will support multiple bridges and boardwalks like this one completed in 2020.


The PFTS (Piedmont Fat Tire Society) has a lot to celebrate in what is now their 25th year.  They have created a trail system providing connectivity to two regional parks, one national park and two-lake marina’s.

They also have just been awarded a RTP (Recreation Trails Program) grant for 2021 to create 3.75 miles of new single track.  This new trail will be a highly anticipated extension of the popular existing Kingfisher trail in the Watershed Trail system.  The total grant has a value to the community of $104,806 of which $83,845 is federal funding and the $20,961 is the club’s qualifying 25% match.

The PFTS is very grateful to have been awarded this grant at a time where the COVID crisis has created much additional demand for trails.   We appreciate how this financial support will help us to continue to transform the health, well being, and overall quality of life for many of the residents of the Region.