We have partnered with LuvTrails to bring the SORBA & LuvTrails Challenge this Spring! From April 10th until May 31st participants can ride and donate to our chapters to increase their chances of winning! This is a seven-week-long virtual event to coincide with the SORBA Camp in April and National Bike Month in May 2023. It will last for 52 days and will allow participants to ride, run, hike, and walk as much as they like within the “geofenced” trails maintained by participating SORBA Chapters. When you sign up at www.trail.care and link your Strava account you also pledge an amount per mile as a donation to SORBA Chapters. After you record a ride on Strava (must be public), you are sent an email to confirm your donation for that ride. The number of miles you ride in 52 days multiplied by the amount you pledged per mile will determine the total donation at the end of the event. Everything comes down to the choice and effort of each individual participant and you have total control over your final donation. Lots of great prizes and rewards are on offer for the Top Donors and Most Miles completed.

Thanks to the generosity of event sponsors supportive of SORBA and trail advocacy–and their love for the cycling community of the Southeast–we’ll hand out great prizes to lots of participants, from top-notch cycling gear and accessories to substantial discounts at outdoor lifestyle stores.

Categories and Prizes:

To keep it simple we have only two categories and leaderboards:

TOP DONORS LEADERBOARD (total donation made by the end of the event)
1st) FOX Factory Fork of the winner’s choice. **
2nd) Cognative MTB Gloves.
3rd) LuvTrails Hat.

MOST MILES LEADERBOARD (cumulative over the 52 days)
1st) Cognative MTB Jersey – brand new design.
2nd) LuvTrails Hat.
3rd) Cognative MTB Gloves.

** The Fox Fork is the winner’s choice from the product list at www.ridefox.com/bike/,  excluding Electronic and 40 Series products, and subject to availability.
*** Winners will receive an email confirming their prizes in June soon after the event.

There is NO registration fee. BUT in order to participate, you have to FIRST sign up at www.trail.care. You can only participate in the Challenge by signing up, linking your Strava account and a credit/debit card, and pledging an amount per mile. Click here for a SETUP-guide.