We know that safety is on your mind when you hit the trail. However, how prepared are you to deal with an on-trail emergency in areas inaccessible to an ambulance? Do you know the spine-safe special procedure for removing a helmet, to inspect for skull fracture? Have you practiced what to do during the critical minutes or hours it takes to stabilize and evacuate your patient?

MEDIC SOLO Disaster+Wilderness Medical School offers SORBA three ways to learn and hone these essential first-aid skills:

A) organize a private SORBA-tailored 2-day Wilderness First Aid Class (with mountain biking-specific hands-on learning scenarios throughout the course). 12-person minimum. Blend of classroom instruction and hands-on problem-solving rescue practice. Come away with actual do- it-yourself caregiving skill and confidence. Participants receive a 2-year WFA certification at the end.

B) learn virtually, with our highly-rated all-online class with self-guided skills sessions. Discount available for IMBA members.  Downloadable diagrams and real-life photographs enrich your learning, and a certificate of completion is available at the end.  

C) join a 2-day open-enrollment class, if one is near you, and get certified with other community members.

More info at: www.solowfa.com