SORBA Chattanooga today announced that they have received a $50,000 grant from the Lyndhurst Foundation to support the expansion of trail stewardship and the mountain biking community in the Chattanooga area. SORBA Chattanooga, a local all-volunteer nonprofit, currently maintains over 100 miles of trails, including notable areas such as Walden’s Ridge, 5 Points, Enterprise South and Raccoon Mountain. This grant will allow SORBA to start the process of hiring their first full-time, paid Executive Director, who will help develop and expand the vision for mountain biking in Chattanooga.

“We’re grateful that the Lyndhurst Foundation is supporting our vision to grow the mountain biking community and off-road trail access in Chattanooga,” said Mike Gehard, President of the SORBA Chattanooga Board of Directors. “The mountain biking community and its infrastructure have grown to where they are today through the sweat and commitment of some truly dedicated volunteers. Hiring an Executive Director will allow us to build on that foundation and grow Chattanooga as a premier mountain biking destination in the Southeast.”

In addition to the initial $50,000 grant, the Lyndhurst Foundation will match every dollar that SORBA Chattanooga raises through the end of 2025 to support this position, up to an additional $50,000. This funding will enable the organization to support partnerships with organizations like White Oak Bike Co-op, Two Bikes Chattanooga and Catalyst Sports, which work to connect and grow the mountain biking community through their outreach efforts. Additionally, it will enable SORBA Chattanooga to hire a team of full-time staff who will advocate for and maintain our local trails.

“SORBA Chattanooga has played a major role in enhancing Chattanooga’s reputation as a community that values outdoor recreation, active living, land conservation, and the spirit of volunteerism,” said Bruz Clark, president of the Lyndhurst Foundation. “We are excited about the next phase of growth for SORBA and the potential to achieve additional leverage and impact that will be afforded through the hiring of a full-time executive director.” Individuals interested in more information about the Executive Director position can go to to read about the position.

About SORBA Chattanooga:
SORBA Chattanooga is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving mountain biking opportunities by expanding, improving, and maintaining natural surface trail systems in the greater Chattanooga area. Since its inception in 2003, SORBA Chattanooga has been at the forefront of trail development, growing the total mileage of trails within 30 minutes of downtown from 7 miles in 2003 to over 160 miles by 2023 through partnerships with various land managers and government organizations. These partnerships have garnered national recognition, including the 2010 National Partnership Award from American Trails and a 2005 Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Department of Agriculture. SORBA Chattanooga’s efforts contribute an estimated $6.9 million annually to the local economy. Operating as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the organization is committed to ensuring everyone has access to the social, physical, and mental benefits of mountain biking.

For more information, visit SORBA Chattanooga.

Please contact Mike Gehard at with any questions.

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