Over the winter the SORBA Executive Committee and key stakeholders completed some strategic planning sessions to help guide SORBA into the future. And the results are in!

A new mission and vision statement that simply states what we are here to do. Provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy the love of mountain biking. Trail development and maintenance is a significant part of the puzzle but not the only piece. Community involvement, creating space for all riders, and having fun are just as important!

And how do we move towards the vision we have for SORBA? By helping to build robust, well-educated chapters that can make a positive difference in their community!

How Do We Get There?

We are already making moves and working on our new plan. But we have a long way to go over the next three years. We also need your help. Support SORBA on a regional level. Join your chapter. Volunteer your time. Mountain biking in the Southeast is already world-class, help us make it even better!

And if you would like to check out the plan in an easier-to-read format, click the link below to view it in pdf form.

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