Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers recently opened a new .5 mile black diamond gravity trail at Oak Mountain State Park in Shelby Co., AL. The trail, named Tails, was built in partnership with the Fox and their Trail Trust grant program. Additional funding was provided by Shelby Co. Professional trail building company Barry Smith Trails headed up the design and construction which also included 30 hours of volunteer labor.

The original plan was to include bigger features than Lightning, a popular trail at the park that neighbors Tails. But the lack of elevation meant the trail character would be a little different. BUMP and the crew at Barry Smith Trails were able to pack a ton of features in this half mile trail. Featuring technical rocky sections, rollers, table tops, and numerous berms, Tails will certainly keep you on your toes and keep you smiling all the way through.

A huge thank you goes to Fox and its Trail Trust program. Through Trail Trust this project, and a variety of others across the southeast get the donations needed to make our trail dreams a reality.


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