SORBA is pleased to announce a new partnership with the trail tool company which operates Tools for Trails and Backslope Tools. The partnership provides exclusive discounts for SORBA chapters, which helps offset the tool expense for the building and maintenance of trails.

About the organization:

Backslope Tools and Tools For Trails are based out of Grand Junction, Colorado. Tools For Trails carries trail building tools for any type of trail. Backslope Tools takes the original tools, created over 100 years ago, and innovates them to help solve the unique problems of today’s trails. Founded and created by trail builders, we strive to create and provide quality trail tools for organizations across the country.

We’re grateful for generous partners like Backslope Tools and Tools for Trails! With their support, we will continue to help provide access to the social, physical and mental benefits that mountain biking provides.

For more information on the program and to get access to the discount please contact our Development Director Jen at